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The Perpetual Equity Investment Company Limited (the Company) is a listed investment company that provides a simple and transparent way to invest in a diversified portfolio of high quality Australian and global listed securities, selected by one of Australia’s most experienced fund managers - Perpetual Investment Management Limited (the Manager). The Company is managed to provide investors with a growing income stream and long-term capital growth.


Shares in the Perpetual Equity Investment Company Limited (ASX:PIC) are listed and traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). To become a shareholder, simply buy shares through a stockbroker, accountant or other professional advisers, wrap or platform.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible investment strategy

  • Transparency, simplicity, visibility

  • One of Australia's most experienced fund managers

  • Rigorous company analysis and research

Stock Stories bega cheese

Stock story: Bega Cheese

BGA is a household name and engages in the receiving, processing, manufacturing, cutting and packaging of traditional cheese products, as well as the manufacture of other high value dairy products. Bega trades as a mid-cap stock on the ASX and remains a key position in PIC’s portfolio.


Forgotten Opportunities

Perpetual’s Head of Equities, Paul Skamvougeras, talks to Livewire’s James Marley to discuss why now is not the time to be chasing hot sectors or stocks, and why an investors 'non-negotiable' should be to never compromise on the quality of the stocks you buy.

Monthly PEIC

Monthly Investment Update and NTA Report June 2019

Equity markets were fueled by a 25 basis point cut in the official interest rate by the Reserve Bank to a record low of 1.25%. Anticipation that US-China trade tensions would be resolved sooner than expected also assisted market sentiment in June. The Manager discusses Australian mid cap stock Bega Cheese (ASX:BGA).

What is a listed investment company?

As demand for listed investment companies (LICS) continues to grow, this educational video helps to answer some key questions you may be considering.

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